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Health at Home by Baptist Health offers networking services that keep patients connected to all the medical attention, monitoring and support they may need. Through state-of-the-art medical devices, patients can alert Baptist Health of their urgent care needs 24/7, ensuring all falls, medical episodes and more are quickly addressed.

You should feel safe living independently in your own home, and through MedAlert, you can. MedAlert is a medical alert system that allows you to connect with support should you need assistance while home alone due to a fall or other emergency.

The first-ever medical alert system that works inside the home without using a phone line or GSM panel, the MedAlert system includes a mobile device that remains stationary on a charger in your home and a wristband or pendant with a button that you wear around the house. When you need help, you press the button on your base unit or your wearable device to talk to a live operator. Whether you need a family member to help you out or police, medical or fire rescue, we will get you the help you need when you need it.

MedAlert takes the time to learn about your unique situation and needs. When you push your help button, the trained MedAlert Monitor who answers your call is equipped with information about your needs and is prepared to provide individualized support. After a $40 installation fee, MedAlert costs $40.00 a month.